What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient form of natural healing that stems from the Vedic culture of India. It translates to ‘knowledge of life’.

It has been practiced for over five thousand years but underwent periods of suppression by foreign invaders.

Recent years have shown an increase in the practice both native and worldwide. Modern alternative medicine has aspects that are derived from these traditions. It is a form of holistic healing through the understanding of each person’s unique energy signature. Through this understanding, one is then able to change their lifestyle to fit their specific energy needs and create a personal balance.

The Three Doshas

The three doshas are what make a person unique. They are considered natures blueprint for what makes a person tick. They are the mind and body energies of a human and are used to help distinguish the balance necessary for good health and fulfillment.

The three doshas are:

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha

They are derived from the five elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

It is important for one to discover which dosha provides the most influence within them in their daily and seasonal lives. This plays an important role when practicing personalized holistic healing through energy management, diet, and overall health. Understanding each dosha and the personal roles they play are one of the first steps when undergoing this lifestyle change.

Ayurvedic Practices For Increasing Energy

There are certain daily practices that can be done to improve energy on sluggish days. They are simple life indulgences that are easily taken for granted and overlooked.

Start by creating a morning routine. Waking up twenty minutes before sunrise instead of jumping out of bed at the last second can make all the difference. Vata is known for movement, and its energy fills the atmosphere before the sunrise. Therefore this is the best time to utilize its energy. Continue the morning with a daily ritual that creates contentment.

There are aromatic oils that enhance the mind and body with energy depending upon the dosha type. Massaging the scented oil onto the third eye point between the eyebrows in small clockwise circles while taking deep breaths can give one a boost of needed energy and create balance. Even drinking water and taking deep breaths can help to increase energy by clearing out ama (toxins) and calming the mind.

Ayurveda Seasonal Eating

Seasonal eating habits and healthy eating are considered an important role with the dosha.

Each season has an association with each dosha.

Pitta is from late spring through summer, Vata goes from autumn to early winter, and Kapha is from late winter through spring.

Depending on a person’s most influencing dosha, there is a balance that must be maintained according to the changing seasons. Changing eating habits accordingly can help ones overall well being.

The Vata diet should consist of calming and nourishing foods. The Pitta diet should consist of cooling and moderately heavy foods. While the Kapha diet should consist of foods that are warming and stimulating.

During the changing seasons, it is good to incorporate foods into the diet according to the doshas season.

Ayurveda Can Improve Overall Health

There are so many positive aspects of this practice that can enhance one’s overall well being. Learning the techniques can create a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.

It acts like preventative care by creating a personal healthy balance which prevents illness and disease from beginning.

It can create beautiful and healthy skin by understanding the dosha skin type and utilizing the proper natural skin treatments.

It also helps to improve concentration and reduce stress through diet and lifestyle changes. It can revitalize and energize by balanced and proper seasonal eating based on one’s natural dosha. It is a form of anti-aging through its balance of mind and body. Through healthy eating and living properly based on the natural dosha, the body will be healthy and the mind will be balanced. This creates a cycle of good health both inside and out. When this balance is achieved it becomes visibly apparent. People carry stress and poor health in the way they walk and how they look. This creates an aged appearance. When those imbalances are eliminated it can create a more youthful body and face through perfect harmony.

Through the long-term approach of this practice and discovering which dosha is most influential in your daily life you can obtain the balance in life that is so overlooked. Without balance we stumble through the day with struggles that are unnecessary. Creating a healthy lifestyle based upon personal energies is essential to thriving in the best ways possible. Each person is unique. Understanding this uniqueness and providing it with its individual needs will not only create a healthy balance to the body and mind but also a form of enlightenment.

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