Correcting Imbalances in Pitta Dosha for Better Health

In Ayurvedic medicine, the three doshas are energies that flow through the body and control various aspects of physical and emotional health. Pitta dosha is responsible for the physical activities involved in metabolism, digestion and the transformation of nutrients into energy. When Pitta energies dominate, people typically have fiery and assertive personalities and resilient natures that can adapt to changing circumstances with relative ease. Understanding this important dosha can help you to stay healthier and happier throughout your regular routine.

What Is Pitta?

Pitta is one of the three basic doshas in Ayurveda, which also includes Kapha and Vata. Each of these doshas is involved in governing and controlling the functions of the body and the emotional states of individuals. When Pitta predominates among the three doshas, certain physical and personality attributes may be more pronounced or noticeable:

• Most Pittas have a medium build and have a physically strong constitution, allowing them to shake off minor ailments more quickly.
• They tend to value order and to be organized.
• The entrepreneurial can-do spirit is often associated with those in whom Pitta is the dominant dosha.

Positive aspects of Pitta are more likely to manifest in those with well-balanced doshas. If Pitta or other doshas are out of balance, however, some negative attributes can manifest as a result of this issue with Ayurveda energies.

Symptoms of Pitta Imbalance

Some of the most common signs of an imbalance in the Pitta dosha are disturbances or disorders of the normal digestive and metabolic process:

• Heartburn and acid reflux issues
• Nausea, especially after missing a regular meal
• Diarrhea and loose stools
• Acne and other rashes
• Excessive or frequent sweating
• Overheating, especially during regular activities

Emotional changes can also occur when Pitta is out of balance:

• Frustration and irritability
• Excessive attention to minor details
• Anger and over-sensitivity

These symptoms can occur from an overabundance of Pitta energy in the body. The causes for this imbalance are often complex and arise from conditions encountered in daily life.

Causes for Pitta Imbalances

Many of the things people do every day can add up to an imbalance in Pitta energy. Some of the most common reasons for these issues include the following:

• Emotional stress and worry
• Exposure to chemicals at work or at home
• Too much time spent in the sun, to include sunburns and suntans
• Dietary issues

Balancing Pitta can reduce the effects of these common daily stressors and can improve the emotional and physical health of those in whom Pitta predominates. Failure to address these issues could result in a weakened constitution and other health issues.

Correcting Imbalances in Pitta Dosha

Minor corrections in diet and daily activities can often have a real impact on the effects of Pitta imbalances and can prevent future problems. Some of the most recommended changes to correct these imbalances include the following measures:

• Increasing your consumption of cold and raw foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables
• Avoiding hot and spicy foods, including onions, garlics and peppers
• Sticking to whole wheat, white rice, oats and barley rather than rye and corn
• Scheduling cooling massages to promote better balance
• Maintaining regular mealtimes
• Getting plenty of rest and reducing stress in your everyday activities
• Taking time to commune with nature

These simple steps can help to cool down individuals with Pitta imbalances. By addressing these issues with dietary changes and adjustments to your daily routine, you can enjoy the healthiest and happiest lifestyle possible now and in the future.

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