What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is a biochemistry field that studies the transformation of free, or available energies, in living systems. It aides in the understanding of how the human body transfers energy through the tissue, cells, and organisms. Plants receive free energies from the sun and convert it into a form of glucose. Humans consume the plants and receive the glucose where it is then transformed into ATP, a usable form of energy. ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is a high energetic molecule, and considered to be the energetic currency of life by biologists. It is a complex organic chemical found in all forms of life. It powers everything from muscle contractions to nerve impulse propagation. How the body regulates the flow of energies produced by this process provides an understanding to its influence on our bodies.

Bioenergetics and Psychotherapy

The study of bioenergetics has been used as an alternate form of psychotherapy that is believed to aide in the healing of the body through the study of its energetic relationships and transformations. Everything in the world, humans included, are made up of its own unique energetic frequencies. Each part of the human body, along with the organs, carry their own baseline frequency and signature. A change in its baseline can indicate a specific underlying issue. When human tissue is subjected to toxins, stress, or a virus, the electromagnetic frequency becomes abnormal. It is at this time that bioenergetic medicine is most useful, used as a preventative measure before the initial stage of illness becomes chronic.

Bioenergetics and the Western World

The study of bioenergetics in the Western world has been ongoing in its popularity for the past fifty-plus years. It is thought that the term was first coined in 1957 by Scent Gyorgi. However, Eastern cultures have been utilizing various techniques of healing the body through its various energetic points by use of Traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Bioenergetics and the Eastern World

Bioenergetics and its use as an alternative treatment is a common practice in Eastern medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is known for treating the root of the problem rather than the symptom, and for years has been looked upon as an esoteric theory by Western medical practitioners. They believe in discovering, treating, and curing an underlying issue at its core before it becomes a physical illness or disease. They believe in the prevention of health problems through alternative diagnosis before the symptoms even occur. Through advanced bioenergetics, they work with all twenty meridians in traditional Chinese medicine. Both acupuncture healing therapy and non-invasive forms of acupuncture can be used. This practice is used to balance the energetic layers in the body and release blockages.

Scientific Instruments

While Chinese medicine uses a holistic healing approach to bioenergetics, Western medicine utilizes slightly more scientific techniques. The human skin has a magnetic quality to it, and is a great resource for indicating energetic blockages. This magnetic anomaly can be picked up using specific scientific instruments. In addition to the skins reaction, the human cells create their own electrical impulses. Those with low electrical responses are an indication of a need for healing. By communicating to various parts of the body and listening to the signal responses through specialized equipment, a determination is made on which specific areas are lacking in the energies needed for optimal health. By raising the electrical potential of cells, it raises their function and over time restores them to their optimal performance.

The use of bioenergetics as a preventative measure in maintaining a steady level of good health is becoming a popular tool among medical practitioners around the world. It provides a baseline and understanding of the individual, their energetic flow, and the areas of the body that are low in the necessary energy required to maintain a healthy body and over all well being.

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